The Organic Research Centre

The Organic Research Centre is a registered charity whose business is to develop and support sustainable land-use, agriculture and food systems, primarily within local economies. The centre is the UK’s leading independent research, development and advisory institution in organic agriculture, having played a central role in the development of organic food and farming research, policy and standards since 1980. The organization is based on Elm Farm, a 94 hectare organic farm in Berkshire, and works through a participatory network of established organic farms and other businesses.

We apply scientific knowledge and research expertise to find ways of balancing agricultural productivity with protection of the environment and believe in developing genuinely sustainable, equitable and healthy food systems based on production methods that conserve finite resources and enhance biodiversity.

We see the TWECOM project as an ideal opportunity to explore the potential of existing landscape elements in the production of renewable and affordable energy at a local scale without conflicting with environmental protection.

Having expertise in evaluating both national and European policy frameworks and the impacts of land management on ecosystem services, the ORC’s role in TWECOM is focused on assessing, monitoring and evaluating the impacts of the energetic use of landscape elements.

Working with farmers, landowners and the local community, we intend to develop a pilot energy co- operative at Elm Farm which uses woody biomass from local landscape elements such as hedgerows. Information from our UK pilot project will help develop a rapid assessment tool to assess the sustainability impacts of harvesting energetic landscape elements.

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