Regionaal Landschap Lage Kempen

Regionaal Landschap Lage Kempen vzw (RLLK) is a beautiful region in the northwest of the province of Limburg, Belgium. But RLLK is also a partnership between the province of Limburg, 15 municipalities, nature conservation organizations, farmer organizations, hunting organizations and touristic organizations. The aim of our organization is to preserve landscape quality and biodiversity outside nature reserves in this region. We do this by supporting landowners, farmers our 15 municipalities, companies, etc. in realizing landscape projects. RLLK supports these stakeholders by making landscape plans, asking permissions, searching for funding and coordinating the work on the field. Landscape elements as hedgerows are an important ecological and cultural historical structure in our region. RLLK is experienced in the ecological and social/cultural aspects of these landscape elements as well as the management. By means of numerous projects regarding restoration of old hedgerows and planting new ones, RLLK experienced some bottlenecks for a sustainable, long term management of these valuable landscape elements.

This is why RLLK took the initiative for the TWECOM project. We are convinced that – through transnational cooperation – modern, sustainable solutions can be found to preserve our cultural historical landscape and restore its multifunctional character.

Regionaal Landschap Lage Kempen
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