Agrobeheercentrum Eco2

The “agrobeheercentrum Eco²” (ABC Eco²) is a non-profit organization that supports local “agro- environmental cooperations” (or in dutch: agrobeheergroepen (ABG’s), groups of farmers who collaborate on landscape and nature management. The ABC Eco² is the umbrella organization for agro-environmental cooperations in Flanders and it is a collaboration between the Flemish farmer unions Boerenbond and ABS, the Flemish Land Agency (VLM), agro|bedrijfshulp, the Flemish Forest and Nature Agency (ANB) and the Flemish administration for sustainable agriculture (ADLO).

The ABC Eco² is a centre of excellence on agro-environmental management, with the following objectives:

  • to stimulate and support farmers for integrating landscape and nature management in their farming practice;
  • to foster local partnerships of farmers on landscape and nature management and support them in the formation of an ABG;
  • to develop, collect and distribute knowledge and experience about nature and landscape management among farmers in ABG’s;
  • to establish an appropriate legal and juridical framework for local ABG’s;
  • to initiate and implement projects on agrarian landscape and nature management;
  • to encourage networking and cooperation of ABG’s with different actors;
  • to contribute to policy development at all levels, based on practical experience.
  • to support knowledge and capacity building and sharing, networking and matching with stakeholders,

Our focus in the TWECOM project we will be on organizing the “harvest train” as efficient as possible, by searching for the right machines and techniques and by mobilizing the local farmers to contribute in the logistics.

Agrobeheercentrum Eco²
Diestsevest 40, B-3000 Leuven


Innovatiesteunpunt is the Innovation Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development, embedded within Boerenbond & Landelijke Gilden, with a membership of 17.000 farmers and 70.000 rural residents, the largest farmers organization and the main rural movement of Flanders, the Dutch speaking northern part of Belgium.

The aim of Innovatiesteunpunt is to incubate and deliver experimental development projects that incite innovation both within an agricultural and rural context. We consider ourselves to be ‘innovation brokers’, linking farmers, researchers and other rural actors to foster innovation. These partnerships allow us to develop the theoretical knowledge gained from fundamental research into pilot projects that implement and test in ‘real world situations’ the innovative products, processes and services, that are essential for a future oriented, sustainable agricultural sector and a vibrant and resilient rural area.

The knowledge and expertise gained from this experimental development, we disseminate permanently towards farmers and rural actors through hundreds of information, consultancy and training activities.

We permanently deliver more than 30 EU of nationally financed innovation projects on 3 main topics: Entrepreneurial development, Technological development and Rural development

This project is situated in our Technological development area of activities focusing on the use of the latest techniques for ecological innovation, working on themes such as sustainable energy, sustainable use of essential natural resources, water management, reduction of emissions, enhancing biodiversity, and the circular bio based economy, making optimal use of natural resources to realize an agricultural sector that 'achieves more and better from less’. Our main focus in this project is on WP1, where we are the leading partner.

Innovation Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development

Diestsevest 40, B-3000 Leuven
Tel +32 16 28 61 02